About The Inventor Blog

Welcome to the Inventor Education Blog. I’m Mark Reyland, a professional inventor, former head of the inventor industry, a leading innovation consultant, and most importantly – one of you – a professional inventor who started out just like you in a basement or kitchen table trying to find my way.

I’ve been writing this blog 5 days a week for over eight years as my way of giving back to an industry I love.

The Daily Inventor Education Blog is designed to get you, the novice inventor, pointed in the right direction. I attempt to tell you what 30 years in this industry has taught me. To let you learn from my mistakes, take advantage of the things I’ve learned and maybe even introduce you to some of the people I know.

But there are some rules:

1) If you have a question please email it to me and if I feel it’s relevant enough I’ll answer it on the blog for everyone to read. If not, I’ll respond directly to you.

2) While I do find time every morning to write the blog, I don’t have an unlimited amount of time to interact. Please be patent, I will answer your question when I have a spare moment.

3) I DO NOT work with inventors. I will answer your questions, give you advice and even teach you what I know – but I can not get into business with you, invest in your invention, or partner with you in any way.

4) If you start to act unstable I will quit responding to you (been there, done that) I am a professional, and I expect you to act as a professional too.

5) You may have noticed by now that I am one of a very few experts in this industry who does not charge for the information/advice I provide. I have nothing to sell, and will never take your money.  One reason I don’t charge is that it allows me to tell you what you need to hear and not what you paid me to say.

While you do see advertising on the blog, I do not select, schedule, place, or endorse these ads – they are simply there to offset the actual costs associated with hosting free educational content.

This blog, and the Blog Video Channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTtzBV6zBQMsqyzFbKhxHhA )are both great resources to learn inventing and they’re both 100% free.

Mark Reyland

Have a Question? Just email it to mark@markreyland.com and we’ll get you an answer.