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For $500 bucks we’ll make you an expert!

So here’s the deal – As inventors we’re hounded almost daily by people wanting to sell us things, and one of the easiest things to sell an inventor is frankly “expertise”

That said, if it’s real expertise it’s probably worth buying. Unfortunately most of it isn’t real, and most of it isn’t worth much – however, those making money are hoping that you as a novice inventor simply don’t know any better.Approved

Did you ever wonder how those “experts” came to be experts? Well, here’s how most of them do it.

This is an email I received recently from a group called Inventorz Network. I’ve seen this group, who started out great, slide so far down the mountain over the last few years that I doubt they will ever be a reputable member of our industry again – sad – but that’s another story.

The email is what we call “Trolling”. They’re sending emails to people they find on the internet, people they don’t even know offering to brand them as “experts” to their membership – for just $500.00 a year.

Dear Mr. Reyland

Create Your Expert Listing Today Join the Inventorz Network today and create your Expert profile to connect with inventorz nationally who need your services…. …..After you become an Expert Member of Inventorz Network, you can then put together an article about a subject relevant to the inventor industry and your service/business in roughly 2,000 words.

Please remember the idea is to show how you, the Expert, can provide support for the Inventors. Our online magazine receives a lot of traffic, so this will be nice, long-term advertising for your business while you’re featured in the Expert Pavilion. Thank you for your time.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Elizabeth D

As you can see, they don’t actually care if I’m an expert or not. They aren’t interested in what makes me an expert, in fact, they never even ask. If I give them $500.00 a year, they’re happy to exploit the trust of their members and feed them to me one at a time – where I’m free to say, do, and charge whatever I like.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t all about Inventorz Network. This is about a problem in our industry that you may not know we have – and that unless you know what happens behind the curtain, you stand a very good chance of getting advice from an “expert” who purchased that title from a group claiming to be helping you.

Mark Reyland

3 thoughts on “For $500 bucks we’ll make you an expert!

  1. Thank you Mark you are one of a kind helping people every opportunity you get to educate us about the inventing world. I meet you in Birmingham,Al. Some years back, you gave out the book One simple Idea that is a great book I share it every chance I get. I feel when you are blessed with something good you should share it. I share your blogs every chance I get because as an inventor there are many traps set. Thanks to you who care to warn us when you see them. Also you are brave because the bad guys don’t like it that you stand up for what is right, don’t stop you will get your blessings.

  2. That’s very good advise, which should help any inventor in their research for additional help. How about an article detailing methods, ways, to determine an inventions; valuation, market value & worthiness ? Research companies think they have the “only way to determine” how a product “might” perform prior to production-distribution-etc. Thank You – callhow

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