I’m shutting down the Inventor Education blog

I have to say this really sucks.

As many of you know I’ve been writing this blog for almost ten years. In that time I’ve met some of the most wonderful people in our industry – and of course some real scumbags.

jghfWhat you may not know is that, many of those scumbags I warn you about. Both the individuals and companies who in my opinion are taking advantage of you – well, many of those folks are not big fans of this blog.

So, that brings me to the point that sucks.

Over the past year I’ve written two blog post about a group in Chicago called Inventorz Network. (http://www.inventorznetwork.com/us/) Not scathing blogs mind you, but the other side of the story if you will.



Inventorz Network provides “connection” services to inventors, for a fee of course. One of many in our industry, that in my opinion, are more focused on taking your money than on providing you any real help. This is not my first rodeo. I’ve been watching companies in this industry for many years, and I can spot the ones that truly want to help a mile away – in my opinion this group is not one of them.

But that’s my opinion, and until they quit exploiting inventors, or the attorneys for Inventorz Network take away my right to have my opinion, that will remain my opinion about Inventorz Network.

So the other day I received a cease and desist letter from the attorneys representing Inventorz Network and their principals Melinda Knight (melinda@inventorznetwork.com) and Dhana Cohen (dhana@womeninventorznetwork.com) demanding that I remove blog postings I’ve written about their company.

This of course leaves me three choices. 1. I can remove the post as they have demanded and allow these two ladies to censor us at the end of their sharp sword. 2. I can allow them to file suit against me and withstand the financial pain defending my opinion would require. or 3. I can shut down the blog and make it all go away.

untitled-2You see, the problem is this. Allowing these two idiots to censor our industry costs us all the right to stand up for ourselves. Letting them file a costly lawsuit costs me financially, and of course, shutting down the blog costs the thousands of inventors who get value from the free educational content.

So what’s a guy to do? Well, I can’t open the floodgate of allowing these scumbag companies to censor us, but unless someone wants to fund the legal battle required to stand up to these two, I have no choice but to shut down the Inventor Education Blog.

So in accordance with their demands, I will shut down the Inventor Education Blog and the Facebook group by 16 September.

It’s ironic really. Out of all the people and companies who I’ve called out over the years, these two are the ONLY ones who have ever attempted legal action over an opinion of their services. In the end Melinda Knight and Dhana Cohen  will cost us all far more than money. These two women who claim to care about our industry, just cost us the one place we could stand up for ourselves.

Take pride Melinda Knight and Dhana Cohen. Your Inventorz Network is getting what you demand, and one day maybe karma will too – way to support the inventor community!

Mark Reyland